Water Damage Photo Gallery

A capet pad being extracted of water.

Look at all that water!

When this basement was discovered to be extremely wet, the homeowners were very concerned about their carpet. More often than not, we can salvage the wet carpet, but carpet pad cannot be saved. We extract the water from the carpet to make it lighter for our technicians to carry out in trash bags. Doing this also helps the carpet dry faster because there are no wet things below it, and carpet pad is impossible to dry.

A very large split between the foundation and the rest of the house.

Check the exterior of your home regularly!

It's very important to check the exterior of your home regularly. You never know what you'll find. Our technicians found this very large crack between the foundation of this home and the rest of the house. This has been considered the source of the water loss since our technicians could sick their hand inside there and touch the interior wall. 

Thermal Imaging

This product can be used anytime the user is looking to quickly identify and locate water damage or verify that a surface has been efficiently dried. The infrared screen reads surface temperature only and identifies areas of investigation. Companies like SERVPRO of South Cabarrus County still use or confirm readings with Moisture meters  but this amazing technology can help us identifiy all water loss areas.

When water evaporates, it drops in temperature, an infrared camera can allow you to quickly identify those temperature differences and locate the water. We always scan every part of house and document everything.

Ms. Matthews

We have another satisfied customer, Ms. Matthews. Although the process took a while, she was very pleased with the overall job. Her home looks brand new, like it never even happened.