Storm Damage Photo Gallery

A room damaged by a tree, walls damaged, ceiling fallen and a tarp over the open area.

This storm did damage!

When this crazy storm passed through this area it knocked down so many trees. Several houses had to be boarded up and tarped. This house was so bad half of the room was ripped open by a fallen tree. The roof and ceiling lay on the floor in this bedroom with all the insulation with it. 

A living room covered in insulation, the ceiling open, and a tarp over the roof due to storm damage.

A pretty scary scenario.

When a large tree fell on this house it split open the roof and pushed through the ceiling. Large portions of the house had to be gutted. A tarp was placed on the roof to prevent any more water damage. The tree was removed and the damaged parts of the home were cleaned up. 

Pictured is a house with a tree fallen over on it and a tarp placed on the roof due to damage.

Storm Damage on the outside.

During a storm, sometimes, you have no idea what the surrounding area will look like when the storm passes. In this case, a huge tree fell on the roof and caused extensive damage. Portions of the walls were boarded up for safety, and the roof was tarped to prevent further water damage.

Water has leaking through a ceiling down the walls of this room.

Runny Walls

After a pretty nasty storm, this homeowner found their walls to be destroyed! Often times this happens because the shingles have loosened or there is a hole in the roof somewhere that has yet to be found.