Recent Before & After Photos

Cleaning soot out of carpet

We were tasked with cleaning a carpet that had some soot damage and some staining. In this case, the carpet had soot damaged due to a candle over burning and sm... READ MORE

Cleaning soot on VCT flooring at a Pool Hall

Recently we had a commercial fire loss. This location was a pool hall. Soot covered every inch it could find! Of course, initially, we used a good old-fashioned... READ MORE

Going back to clean a carpet

This carpet is a job we already had. The job had been completed, and the customer was satisfied. However, after we left and the carpet dried, this stain came ba... READ MORE

Spot Cleaning

As you can see there was a very visible stain on this carpet but our crew likes to make sure your carpet is Spot-less! After a detailed carpet cleaning that spo... READ MORE

Hurricane Micheal & The Side Effects

This year has been a hurricane year for North Carolina. We have unfortunately been in the path of a few hurricanes. Here in Concord we were very lucky and did n... READ MORE

Let's Read a Book

When you are looking for a good read or just taking the kiddos to the book store or library, you definitely do not want to have to trample through water flowing... READ MORE

Roof verses Storm

When a commercial building that stays very busy has roof issues, it has to be replaced. That is just where the problem started. If you live in North Carolina yo... READ MORE

Sprinkler Systems that went Wrong

Sprinkler Systems are put in place to keep us safe, minimize damage, and help put out or control fire. Each sprinkler system goes through rigerous testing durin... READ MORE

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

How often should carpets get cleaned? What does the manufacturer say? Does it help it last longer? If you have a commercial business or building those are the q... READ MORE

Improperly Stored Products

Fires Spread quickly. When chemicals or improperly stored items are put together this can cause a Spontaneous Combustion reaction. It does not sound real but be... READ MORE