Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Don't be a stick in the roof!

During a storm, things go flying! Tables can knock over, and chairs swing back. In this case, during a storm, this little stick flew across the yard to lodge it... READ MORE

This house repaired after a storm.

This house, split in half during a severe storm by a tree falling through the roof, had significant damage. We worked closely with our subcontractors to repair ... READ MORE

A tree that has fallen and can't get up

During storms, trees tend to sway. The speed of the wind can cause some of these trees to topple over. In this case, a very tall tree toppled over this client's... READ MORE

Tarping a roof with loose shingles

We received a call from a distressed homeowner that moisture was coming in through the ceiling. We went out there and inspected the roof and found that their sh... READ MORE

What happens after a storm?

In the above pictures, you can see a roof with a massive hole in it. This hole was due to a large tree branch slamming into the roof during a storm. The residen... READ MORE

Hurricane Micheal & The Side Effects

This year has been a hurricane year for North Carolina. We have unfortunately been in the path of a few hurricanes. Here in Concord we were very lucky and did n... READ MORE