Commercial Photo Gallery

A gutted kitchen with encapsulated flooring.

Hard work shows!

This kitchen located in a commercial building had severe mold growth on the bottom of the cabinets and covering the floor. We removed the cabinets and encapsulated the floor to deter further mold growth.

Mold over growth in the wall behind the source of loss.

Moldy Mayhem

At this commercial water loss turned mold loss we found a wall that was absolutely covered in mold! It was so bad the crew had to stop working so they could change into more appropriate personal protective equipment.

A very dirty commercial vent that says "clean me."

Dust touches EVERYTHING!

The dust is really bad on this vent at a commercial location. A lot of commercial locations don't always think to clean their vents. Unless assigned to, most employees don't spend a lot of time cleaning much else but their desks. It is always a good thing to dust off your desk and to clean your vents. Who knows what germs are thriving in the dust that's trapped on your surfaces.

warehouse drive with door open and bags stacked

Warehouses get cleaned too

This warehouse is HUGE! So big that birds have made it their home. With these new residents in this commercial building came a whole lot of messes. These birdies have certainly left their mark! We were hired to clean up this mess of bird poo. We have all the tools and cleaning products to clean this warehouse up and make this bird poo "Like it never even happened."