Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

One of our technicians fog a fire truck dressed in full PPE

Fogging for the community.

We hosted an awesome event where we fogged and disinfected for our local fire departments, medical personnel, and pastors' vehicles. In this photo, our technician is fogging one of the local fire trucks.

The inside of an extremely dirty duct line

Dirty Ducts!

When you think of dusting your vents, most of the time you're thinking of the outside or even the back of the vent cover. We feel as though it is our responsibility to inform our clients that cleaning the duct system is just as important as cleaning the vent plate. You would be amazed at the amount of dust and bacteria that builds in your ducts.

Electronics covered with plastic to prevent damage.

Trying to prevent further damage.

Putting plastic over the electronics at a water loss seems like a common practice, but there are some companies that do not think in such detail. When people ask why they should choose SERVPRO of South Cabarrus County, we tell them "Because we care."

We would rather you be safe

Our production manager found that when the house was built someone, drilled a screw right through a vital wire powering the lights in the living room. We informed the homeowner and suggested they call an electrician we referred to repair the wire for them. We genuinely care about our client's safety. We want to do the whole job, and we want it done the right way. If we had to choose the easy way or the right way, we are choosing the right way. That is why people select SERVPRO of South Cabarrus County.

Fire & Life Safety Bowl 2018

2018 Fire and Life Safety Bowl was a great success. Each year these 5th and 6th graders compete against each other for Cabarrus County Schools. After eliminations, the county level winner will then go on to compete at the State Level. What an honor. Last year's winning team was Bethel Elementary. SERVPRO of South Cabarrus County is proud to serve this board.