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Experiencing a Fire Loss in Concord, NC

2/15/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Loss in Concord, NC

Experiencing a Fire Loss in Concord, NC

There are not many ways by which the initial shock of a fire accident can be alleviated in North Carolina. However, there are steps that can be taken to get one’s life back to a normal condition and the home or business back to a near pre-accident condition. However, these steps must be engaged quickly and actually, one of the only steps that a homeowner can take in a way that will result in a completely remediated home is to contact a proven, comprehensive water and fire remediation service with many years of proven service to the community.

Every step after the call to one of these North Carolina cleaning services that will make the home livable or the business viable will have to be accomplished by this Concord, NC or Midland, NC company, so choosing the appropriate service correctly is very important. Home and business owners must be persistent in their quest for the appropriate service, and they should exercise due diligence and be very thorough even though this is a stressful time for Midland, NC and Concord, NC residents and any of those affected by the incident.

The initial damage occurs from the fire itself, but there are corresponding components to the fire that are also vehicles for damage like water and other fire retardant materials, soot damage, ash, smoky air and the odors that correspond with every level of the accident. All of these combined issues must addressed in thoroughly and in their entirety in order to have a full remediation, so the experience of the company contracted is central.

Contracting the wrong service at this point would be a serious set back. Additionally, If there are any even slight remnants that are missed or neglected, these residual particles will begin to emit odor from wherever they are, and still may even stain drapery and carpet as well as many furniture items. Any excess or residual moisture that is not remediated properly will present the same issue, but residual water will also produce a chance to create the conditions in which mold propagates.

All of the substances that were necessary to arrest the fire in the home or building are still present in the structure after the fire is extinguished, and these dirty, malodorous substances are negatively affecting everything that they encounter, and the longer these materials impact the home or business, the more damage that is being done multiplies. Additionally, the water damage from the fire cleanup instituted by the remediation company includes drying time, and the constant changing and rearranging of the equipment necessary to render a habitation moisture free. This makes this part especially stressful for the inhabitants of the home or the business owner, but it is one of the most important steps, and abating the water damage from the fire must be performed thoroughly.

Additionally, this step will bring the family or business owner closer to regaining their former domiciles when the water from the fire damage remediation step is occurring, so patience at this step is required, but crews should be active. This information is helpful because less than honest remediation companies will use this step to artificially lengthen a job. Additionally, water remediation can sometimes mean removal of wall board and other parts of the structure in some areas, and sometimes this deconstruction can be extensive. However, it is sometimes unnecessary to disassemble the structure when remediating the water that has proliferated from abating the fire because the volume may not be great enough to warrant such action.

Smoke damage can be as invasive a water sometimes and depending the structure of the fire, this problem can do much smoke damage to the home. The damage is so great because it spreads stains and odors throughout the home including areas that are not directly related to the fire like airdrops, vents and ducts. This negatively affects air quality greatly, and it means that the entire HVAC system must be cleaned thoroughly to not only improve air quality, but to also eliminate odor and prevent damage to the HVAC system. However, this type of cleaning is a specialty of comprehensive remediation and cleanup companies here in Concord, NC. 

Soot damage is the fine particulate contained in the smoky, hot air from fires. This is especially true in home and business fires because of the many varied things that can become incinerated in the fire. It differs from ash because ash is the remains of material incinerated in the fire, and it is heavier because it is produced as a by product of the fire and carried away in the smoky air. Additionally, ash is a heavier, larger grained particulate. Additionally, it is sometimes the particulates left over from smoky water after remediation, but before the actual cleaning occurs. For example, soot would be the particulate that invades the HVAC system because it is fine enough to be picked up by the smoke-filled air and also the HVAC system itself, and sent throughout the building, or carried via the smoky air.

The smoke itself is a potent vehicle for odor, ash, stains and soot throughout the entire habitation, but it is more dangerous because of the things that the smoke carries, and the extent that smoke-filled air proliferates everything including the interior sections of walls and in between floors. This is why smoke is so dangerous to health in a fire and creates such extensive damage to structures also.

All of these combine to present a real picture of the extent of damage that must be eradicated in order to make a building habitable or usable in the case of a business. This is in conjunction with the things that the fire damages itself. In many cases, much of the damage must be cleaned in order to accurately assess the extent of the damage. Additionally, these issue must addressed immediately in order to mitigate the damage. This is especially true for the water involved, but all of the issues will be exacerbated by the failure to act immediately. Visit http://www.SERVPROsouthcabarruscounty.com for more information on fire loss and fire damage.

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