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The Need for Professional Fire Damage Services

6/26/2017 (Permalink)

The Need for Professional Fire Damage Services

It is devastating and traumatizing to see your home or business go up in smoke. However, fire damage happens and in most cases, at the worst possible time. When faced with a fire in home or fire in business, you need to seek fire damage restoration services. In most cases, people assume that everything is lost and nothing can be salvaged. However, you might be surprised with how much of a building you can save if you bring in commercial commercial fire damage restoration companies in good time.

Timing is everything when it comes to dealing with fire damage. The number of items that can be salvaged will depend on how first you engage the services of commercial fire damage restoration services. Understanding different timelines and the extent of damage emphasizes the need to call in the experts immediately after the fire has been put out.

Once a fire has occurred, in the first few minutes, the soot damage residue can cause discoloration among appliances, plastics and porous materials such as marble and alabaster. Several hours of fire damage can cause deeper stains and smoke damage. These stains can affect appliance finishes, bathroom grouts, furniture finishes and counter-tops. Repair on these items can be very expensive, while this could have been easily avoided by calling in commercial fire damage experts.

If the fire in home or fire in business damage extends for days without being dealt with, then the discoloration on the appliances and the wall can become permanent. The smoke smell and smoke damage may also spread to other rooms or buildings. In most cases, the furniture, floors and finishing’s get damaged that they need replacement. If the damage extends beyond a few days, then the cost of commercial fire damage restoration is much higher. The personal items and household components can also erode.

The fire in home or fire in business effects through the timelines show that you should not wait. The fire cleanup and fire damage restoration need to begin on the material day. The soot damage and smoke smell and smoke damage also need to be addressed immediately. If professional services are sought in good time, the commercial fire damage process can be completed in a few hours.

There are several steps that are involved during a fire cleanup process. The first order of business should be protection. Fire damage protection involves putting on thick gloves and clothes. An oxygen tank is also necessary due to the burning of harmful chemicals. Proper ventilation is also crucial in a commercial fire damage mitigation process. Opening the windows and doors help to release the smoke smell. If you do it on a windy day, then you may not need extra ventilation. Fans can be used for enclosed spaces that lack sufficient ventilation.

Fire cleanup will include cleaning, doors, fixtures, ceilings, windows, and clothes. To get rid of the soot damage residue, high-efficiency cleaners need to be used. This is especially when cleaning upholstery or the carpeting. Pressure washers may also be needed to wash the brick, wood or paint walls. High-quality detergents are also necessary to deal with the discoloration.

The smoke smell also necessitates the need for odor removal measures. This is also part of the fire damage restoration process. Odor removal may involve the use of aerosol sprays, disinfectant sprays, and deodorizing sprays, alongside other measures such as ensuring proper ventilation. As evidenced, the process of damage restoration is neither easy nor simple. This is why it is advisable to seek the services of commercial fire damage companies.

The fire cleanup services also involve inspection of the entire home and identification of the source of fire. Water damage remediation is also important when dealing with fire damage. Once water has been used to put out the fire, it needs to be removed to avoid further damage to the property. A professional fire cleanup company will have expertise on both fire and water damage to deal with any fire in home or fire in business. They also need to have a mitigation strategy for dealing with the smoke smell, smoke damage, and soot damage.
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