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Handling a Water Loss in Concord NC

3/24/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage in Concord, NC

Handling a Water Loss in Concord NC

Residents of Concord NC and Midland NC know the devastating effects of flood damage. Heavy rainfall on the creeks in Cabarrus County, in recent storms, forced the North Carolina Department of Transportation to close some of the roads in both Midland NC and Concord NC due to flooding.
In addition to natural disasters, water loss is caused by broken pipes and damaged appliances. You should have a plan of what to do if you experience a loss due to water in home or water in business. Here are ten things to consider in the case of a home or business water loss.

1. Determine the cause of the damage
When you discover damage from water in home or water in business that is not caused by a weather-related event, you must determine the source. If a pipe burst was the cause, shut off the main water line for your home or business. If the cause is an appliance, such as a dish washer or washing machine, turn off the appliance and disconnect the power. If you are unable to determine source of the water, call a professional plumber or some other expert.

2.        Ensure that everyone remains safe
No one should be allowed to go inside of a home or business until it is safe to do so. Look for live electrical wires. Make sure there are no live electrical wires lying in the water. Wear personal protective gear, such as masks, gloves and rubber boots. Small children and pets should be kept away from the area of any standing flood water.

3.        Ensure that the electrical power is shut off
If the flooding is caused by an appliance that is overflowing, you may be able to simply disconnect the power to the appliance. If the problem is more extensive, then the electricity to the entire building should be turned off. Also, shut off the gas from the main source. Prior to turning the power back on, the wiring should be examined by a certified electrician.

4.        Remove excess water
All excess water must be removed. The longer the water remains the more damage it will cause. Natural flood water levels will have to recede below your house before water can be removed from the house. For a small amount of flooding, a wet-dry shop vacuum may be all that is needed to remove the water. A household vacuum should never be used to remove water. Also, remove water from the wood and furniture.

5.        Remove wet or damaged contents

Remove damaged contents from the home or business. Pieces of furniture, office desks and chairs, or other items may need to be set out to dry or temporarily stored in another location. Use caution when lifting wet materials like floor rugs. These items will be much heavier than they are when they are dry. Even if you hire a professional water loss mitigation company, they will do this for you. However, the more of this clean-up that you can do on your own, the more you may be able to reduce the cost.

6.        Remove valuables from the area

In a natural disaster one of the most heart-breaking things is the loss of valuables and irreplaceable sentimental items. If you locate these items, you should remove them as soon as you find them to prevent further damage or to keep them from disappearing. Depending upon how extensive the damage to your home or business, you may be forced to temporarily relocate. Therefore, you will want secure all of your important items.

7.        Dry out the area

The area should be dried out as quickly as possible. Drying the area will prevent mold from forming and spreading. Window should be opened if the humidity outside is lower than inside. Fans can be used for drying and removing moisture, if no mold is present. Otherwise, fans should not be used, because the air movement can spread mold spores to other areas. The air movement of the fans will help get the water granules into the air through evaporation. A dehumidifier will help remove the humidity from the air.

8.        Clean and Disinfect
Once all of the furniture and items are removed from the area and everything is dried out, then the entire area should be cleaned and disinfected. This includes all of the floors, walls and anything else remaining in the area. Either bleach solutions can be used to clean with or other green products on the market made for that purpose.
9.        Take Preventative Measures
No one can prevent natural disasters. Likewise, no one can altogether prevent other types of flood damage. However, steps can be taken to lessen the possibility of damage occurring in the home or business by conducting regular home maintenance. Small water leaks and other maintenance issues can be discovered while they are small before they have the opportunity to cause a major problem.

10.        Know Your Limitations
Do only what you can do and leave the rest up to the professionals. A water loss in a home or business is a serious matter. Sometimes, the situation may not be that severe and the home owner or business owner can take care of the clean-up themselves. However, most of the time, it is recommended that a water damage mitigation specialist be consulted. If flood water is from a contaminated source, it can contain a deadly bacteria, viruses and fungi that are harmful.

The certified water damage restoration specialists in North Carolina are specially equipped to handle this type of situation. For businesses owners, the amount of time lost due to not being able to operate, the use of a professional company could be the difference in whether or not they are able to stay in business. Hiring a water damage mitigation company to take care of a water loss is the best way to ensure that a home is safe for a family to live, and that a business is a safe place for employees to work. Visit http://www.SERVPROsouthcabarruscounty.com for more information on water damage.

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